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Just In Time

Have you ever been so surrounded by people and felt alone?

About Just In Time Wellness

The simplest way to stay connected to the people who love you!

No one should have to face mental illness or addiction alone, and studies show that having a strong support system is key. Sometimes, people know they need to reach out for help but don’t know what to say or how to say it. The Just in Time Wellness app connects you with family and friends without having to say a word. The app can send daily notifications that remind you to let your inner circle know how you’re feeling. In moments of crisis, Just in Time Wellness gives you a way to get immediate help through a list of resources or an emergency text with your location.


This is Justin

Justin died of an overdose On September 24, 2019, just three days before his 24th birthday.

We created the Just In Time Wellness App in honor of Justin’s life—to allow him to leave a legacy. He would have wanted his life and experiences to continue to help others well beyond his time on this earth.

If this app saves one person from losing their best friend, one lover from losing a partner, one parent from losing their child, one child from losing a parent, or one sibling from losing their brother or sister then this app will be a success.

We thank you in advance for any donation amount you choose to provide. Your donations allow us to create a more comprehensive tool for our neurodivergent friends and family to self-regulate, create meaningful connections, strong bonds and to grow with the people who love them the most through an understanding and nonjudgmental environment.

How Does It Work?

Just In Time Wellness Features

Pre-set Mood Indicators

Choose from a variety of pre-programmed color and mood combinations that express how you’re feeling. Add your own message to customize and express your exact mood.

Automatic Mood Log

Moods are saved automatically over time so you can look back at your mental state and spot trends and cycles. Helpful for doctor’s appointments and preparing yourself for times you might need extra support.

Crisis Phone Numbers and Links

Need to talk to someone right away? The Resources tab is pre-populated with crisis hotlines you can dial with a click, as well as website and chat links.

Quick Access to The National Crisis Hotline via Panic Button

In case of a mental health emergency, press the panic button to quickly contact the National Crisis Hotline (988), and optionally send your location to your Inner Circle.

Assess Your Needs

Answer simple questions to determine your immediate needs based on Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs. Progress through the stages to achieve your full potential. 

Achievements & Streaks

Earn Achievements by sharing your moods, determining your needs, and interacting with your Inner Circle. Earn Streaks by sharing your mood at least once per day.

Reminders to Connect With Your Loved Ones

Set up your preferred time for daily notifications on your phone that prompt you to share your mood with your inner circle. Build a healthy habit of keeping in touch.

Share Your Mood With Your Inner Circle

You select the people you’d like to contact on a regular basis and add them to your Inner Circle. When you select how you’re feeling, a notification will be sent to your Inner Circle letting them know how you feel and what you need.

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Thank you to the people who have put in many tireless hours and made this app possible

Donna Willis - Co-Creator
Malcom Jones – IOS App Development
Jen Coken – Non-Profit Launch Coach & PR

John Anselmi – iOS/Android App Development & Website Development
Holly Frye Atcherson - PR
Jenny Taylor – Social Media/Writer

And the many family members and friends who contributed in so many ways!

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