Our Mission

In honor of Justin this app is being created to encourage perseverance and strength by bringing people together.

Our Vision

Justin’s profound impact on those lives he touched, his admirable dedication and discipline towards personal development are our inspiration for the invention of this app, to continue his legacy and vision.

Just In Time Wellness App is a comprehensive tool that takes a holistic approach to navigating mental health. Made for anyone that may feel like they are struggling in any way or may just want to live a more fulfilled life.

By providing a wealth of tools and resources for an individual to map their own journey, Just In Time Wellness app can open the doors to a community of individuals that are supportive and understanding. No one should ever feel alone. It is a tool to support personal growth through a connection with the people closest to you. The creators behind Just In Time Wellness app believe that a consistent support network is such a key element that they have made sure to include several features (such as personal messaging, mood check-ins, and a panic button that immediately alerts key individuals as well as emergency assistance) that allows the support network to have a deeper understanding of what the individual is going through while participating to the degree the individual feels comfortable with. The app is based on a motivational model of self-improvement to work towards self-actualization. That is inspired by peer-reviewed scientific research and principles such as Abraham Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs, Pavlov’s Reward System, and B.F. Skinner’s Operant Conditioning. Once the individual has established a stable foundation for their well-being, they will be able to help others on their journey as well.

Justin's Story

Justin is a beautiful, old soul. He was the most affectionate and giving person you could know. Justin would give you the shirt off his back or the last dollar in his wallet. He was loving, non-judgmental, and was always encouraging of others. Justin was the first to put his struggles aside to help someone else, even for the moment, despite his inner turmoil. He was the person you could always turn to, the person you could say anything to or call at any time for help and heartfelt words of advice.

Justin was diagnosed with bipolar disorder in his teens. Years later he was re-assessed and diagnosed with borderline personality disorder. But despite the support available, Justin found it was impossible to manage his mental health and turned to drugs at 12 years old. He became addicted, which profoundly affected his personality and behavior. By the time Justin turned 18 he felt he needed to go out on his own journey of self-discovery.

Justin not only moved out; he pulled away from his family as much as he possibly could, even moving out of state for a while. His family didn’t know when they would get a call, a text, or an email from him. Eventually, he moved back to the state and began trying to build a future for himself. He started treatment and enrolled in college to study pharmacology in hopes of one day pursuing his career at the National Institute of Health. During this period, he met the love of his life, Donna Willis. Throughout his life, Justin treated everyone around him with unconditional love and understanding. Justin relentlessly dedicated his life to helping others in the areas in which he struggled. Physical fitness was very important to Justin because he believed that when he felt his best, he could do his best. Every single day Justin would go to the gym and wouldn’t leave until he finished his workout routine. Justin would also learn new things everyday related to pharmacology even outside of his college classes simply because he had an undying curiosity of how the brain works on a chemical and biological level. He was also inspired to do this research to understand why he felt that he was only accepted and was able to function better when he was medicated.

Unfortunately, despite his desire and effort to build a future for himself, life’s circumstances and his mental health took its toll. Eventually Justin became overwhelmed and took the only way out he could see. Justin’s spirit of love lives on in the hearts of those who loved and accepted him just as he was.

Thank You For Your Time

Your donations will allow us to create a comprehensive tool for our neurodivergent friends and families to self-regulate, make meaningful connections, build strong bonds and grow with the people who love them through an understanding and nonjudgemental environment.

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